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Research shows that Internet users spend only 5% of their online time on search engine and 95% on content web pages. Advertisers would certainly benefit if banner ads could be placed on related contextual web pages as they could cover a much larger target audience in a short time. But high cost and complexity may prevent advertisers from adopting such a strategy.


To overcome this barrier, Baidu, with advanced search engine technology, has analyzed and indexed over 60 millions content pages in thousands of Baidu AD Union web sites and has enabled Ads to be shown on related contextual web pages. Starting August 1st 2007, C Pro (Content Promotion), Baidu's contextual TextAD/ImageAD within Baidu AD Union, has achieved a billion daily ad impressions with the flexibility of online/offline time or date, daily budget, targeting keywords or sites. This means C Pro can create a wider awareness on more content web sites at a lower cost, and above all, it has real time optimization ability which is the key to getting better ROI. By tracking traffic sources performance and analyzing history data, it is easy to tell which keyword groups or sites are effective/non-effective, and based on campaign targets and needs, good keyword groups' daily budget can be increased and poor performing sites can be blocked. Compared to pure ad banner buy, C Pro is cost-effective, easily covers a wider range of web sites, and flexible for real-time optimization.


The following icons are a representation of Baidu AD Union member web sites covering Education, IT, Autos, Finance/Investment, Medical/Health, Fashion and Entertainment:

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