Paid Search


1. What is Paid Search or PPC?

Each day, hundreds of thousands of people search for "cell phone" on Baidu; most wanting to buy a new cell phone. If an online cell phone shop has a good position on Baidu's search result pages for this keyword, it may result in tens of thousands of potential customers visiting its web site. However, newer web sites need time to first get indexed, and then perhaps years to reach the top of the related search result list. To overcome this problem, Baidu offers Paid Search: Choose keywords that your potential customers may use to search your products. Your ads are then displayed at the top of those related search result lists. You pay each time someone clicks your ad; that's why paid search is also called pay per click or PPC. The pricing flexible, you can choose how much to pay per click for each keyword, or you may choose the maximum daily spend option, which allows you to edit this price/budget setting at any time you like.

Each month, over 90% of China's internet users use Baidu search, with the daily query number reaching the hundreds of millions. Through Baidu paid search, you can reach this vast audience of potential customers when they are actively searching for information related to your business.

By choosing specific keywords, you can avoid showing ads to people who are not likely to purchase your products. Through continuous monitoring and optimization, you can obtain the maximum return on your paid search ad investment.


2. Baidu Paid Search User Manual

A. Where Your Ad is Displayed and What it Looks Like

B. Keyword Choosing and Match Types

C. Bidding Price, Quality Score and CRI

D. Keyword Tool

E. Ad's Creativity


3. How to Start Your Paid Search Campaign on Baidu

You can register and start using your account by entering our Chinese web site: or if you do not speak Chinese, please contact our International Business Department by or call +86+10-59927396 (8x5 Beijing time).


4. VIP Client Service

We understand that some of our users may experience language and cultural barriers and that Baidu's products and Chinese internet users have their own unique character. Therefore, Baidu has a team of SEM experts that can help you with keyword selection, advertising copywriting, uploading ads, reporting and optimization to help you get the most benefit out of your advertisement on Baidu. These services are free for VIP clients (the first payment amount for a new campaign over CHY10K).


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